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What can you do to help?

What can I do to help?

You are the experts on what it is like to support youth with lived experience of depression, so your opinion is critical to getting this right.

  • We will also ask other experts for their opinions and we will work together to come up with an agreed-upon core outcome set.​

What is a core outcome set? 

  • A core outcome set (COS) is a small list of outcomes that all researchers agree to measure in their studies.

  • This would allow studies to be compared and combined to understand which treatments work best for teens experiencing depression.

  • When we have a core outcome set, researchers will all be working together and studies will be more easily comparable, which will help doctors and therapists know which treatment might be best for patients, depending upon their treatment goals.

Group of adolescents sitting around a table participating in a discussion
  • We want to make sure that this COS for teenage depression treatment studies contains outcomes that are important to teens, so we need your help to develop it!​​

Two clinicians pointing to a circle representing a core outcome set, with 3 outcomes merged together


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