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Why would I want to get involved?

Why would I want to get involved?

This is your chance to tell researchers studying adolescent depression what is important to you as a family member or caregiver who supports or has supported a youth living with depression! 

  • You can help us come to a common understanding of the most important “outcomes” to measure in all teenage depression studies.  

The things that are measured in research studies are called the study “outcomes,” for example: 

  • Quality of life 

    • How depression affects daily activities

  • Sleep problems ​​

  • Treatment satisfaction 

    • How satisfied you are with the way your health-care providers are treating/managing your depression​


  • The goal of this study is to create and share a short list of important outcomes, and instructions on how to measure them. 

    • Measuring the same outcomes in the same way means we can compare findings from different studies, which makes it easier to find out which treatments work the best!  


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